How do we use the Water Blessing?
Hands in prayer in front of heart, speaking from the heart, repeat with feeling of love and clear intention to serve the water existing everywhere.
Swinging hands upward into the light for the last line of the blessing.

You can add this, too:
Bless this water, bless the source, and bless all water in the world


For more information
See Dr. Emoto's book:
The Hidden Messages In Water Dr. Emoto's website


"It's not just about healing springs water. It is about bringing a higher vibration to any area you come to. As the consciousness of the little ones grows, these things will be, in fact, the reason for healing springs making themselves present on the planet. You hear many miracles that are happening, and healing springs are one of them. But the spring of most healing comes from the heart."

--Kwan Yin on healing springs



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