was born in New York during the second World War and given the name Marjorie. I moved from state to state, with my mother until life settled down for my high school years in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  For college, I went to Tufts University and Forsyth Dental School, and became a dental hygienist.  I married, had a son and a daughter, and worked in New York, while my husband went through Cornell University Veterinary College.  Nine years later, I divorced, and soon remarried, which gave me three step children - like the Brady Bunch! And we added one more of our own, a daughter.  We had our Alice - Maria - who looked after the children and the house while I worked.  Seven years later, we divorced and I became a single parent to all six children.  Whoa!  Now What?  

While working and clearing my dental tray one evening, Voila!  I contracted herpes simplex from a contaminated instrument that punctured my finger.  Sleeping Beauty fell asleep for 100 years.  It was time for me to wake up, and Spirit had given me the perfect vehicle. One year later my life was like a bad story, I still couldn't use my right hand and my workman's comp was running out.  In counseling, my Italian therapist, who spoke in English I could hardly understand, suggested Holistic Health and healing myself.  What was that?!?  As Spirit would have it, I was enrolling in a Masters Program for Holistic Health in a Boston University within two weeks.  This was exciting, and I learned a lot. I was now waking up, opening to what I had suspected all along:
We are more than we think we are.

After graduation, I met my teacher, Theodore Virgil, 'Ted'. (See long version, below) He was my guide into the incredible world of Masters, Archangels and Channeling. My world expanded and changed forever.
Meanwhile, my formal education continued.
After I graduated in 2001 from the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with Dr.Vasant Lad my life was to change drastically.  Near the end of my training it became apparent that my youngest son, David, was suicidal.  The next year was frightening. Even after serious counseling and attempted rehabilitation, David did take his life, My saving grace was Faith, and  the Goddess of Compassion Kwan Yin.  Three months later, my oldest son, Quint, coming home from work, rounded a corner in the truck he was driving and glanced off of a small tree and burst into flames.  He died in the fire.  It was his time.  "Dear God, can I wake up now?"  From that time on, in 2002, I have traveled seeking:  Peace, Freedom, Realization, Truth, Comfort and Love.  Only in Nature do I come close in the outer world, only within do I find it.

Since 2007, The Kwan Yin Energy has gifted me with yearly trips to beautiful, pristeen New Zealand. 
In the 'Land of the First Light' I have found another home and a family of the heart.

What is your relationship with Kwan Yin?

The relationship, that I can speak about  is unlike any you will read about in references of stories and legends.  Kwan Yin has always told me that she is Energy, Divine Mother in action.  She came into my life in 1992 and has been present whether I have paid attention or not.  When I asked her why she came to me, because I am not Buddhist, and obviously from the West, she said to me, "There will come a time when everyone will have to forget their differences." I feel her and see her, her Presence is like a warm blanket that comes down over me and wraps around me.  I also see Her in my third eye as a golden Feminine image as you see in the right hand corner, above. When I call her, she responds gently and playfully.  The words that flow from my mouth for others are of a higher consciousness, not ones that I normally speak.  Semi-trance is the state I find myself in as I convey a message to people who ask for Her guidance.  My experience is one of moving my consciousness to the back of my head and watching the light as the words flow through me.  I am conscious of everything around me, and find no third dimensional need to respond, unless it is a crisis.  
I am so grateful for her Divine Presence, and know without a doubt, that I could have never lived through the death of my youngest son, and three months later, the death of my oldest son, without Her ever present and near.  My awareness, of course, has increased of the inter-dimensional realm since the passing on of my children.  These are gifts of the soul that I could have never received before her conscious entry into my life.

The Longer Story....(Complied for the book, "The Eyes of Kwan Yin"  2001)

Because life has been a journey, It's hard to know where to begin. I have always been interested in healing, and the causes of disease and disillusionment in this world of ours, but have never found satisfying answers from the writings of traditional medicine or psychiatry, or from any traditional religion.

When my young stepsister was dying of cancer, she took my hand and placed it on a large lump on her collarbone and said, "Do you remember when mom used to beat me here?" I did remember. The chills ran down my spine. That was the very beginning of my query into the disease process in a different way.

When my mother also died of a very small cancer, I watched that unfold. No matter what new technique was used by the medical community, she got better and then went down hill, over and over again. I wondered what that was about. I had a feeling that there was something more to be known about why this was happening to her.

My friend from college phoned one day to tell me that after two years of treating a deadly and rare brain tumor in her daughter, all of Boston's finest physicians had given up. I really felt connected to what was happening, because her daughter was the same age as my son.

I had just completed a Master's program in Holistic Health, and wanting to help her daughter through any kind of natural healing, I suggested we followed up on any possible alternative treatments. One day, my friend called to say that she had been to a support group and had heard about a gentleman who was a psychic, and had been working with people who had cancer, with great success. She asked me what I thought about that, and I told her, "If it were my child, I would try anything that held promise."

We made an appointment for a healing, and off we went on a very snowy January morning. As we drove up the winding snow-covered dirt road in New Hampshire that led to the Sanctuary, we wondered if we were sane.

When we arrived, a nice looking gentleman in a suit coat greeted us and took my friend and her daughter in right away. I waited in a beautiful glassed-in area overlooking a valley with a clear view of the snow coming down on the New Hampshire mountains. In an hour they came out, both looking tired, but smiling. As we were leaving, the "healing man" smiled and said to me, "You remind me of someone who feels very small and has a big elephant on a rope, but is fearful that it won't do what you tell it to." I had no idea what he was talking about. That was the first time I met Theodore Virgil. After six months of visits and telephone calls, my friend's daughter had no more traces of the deadly brain tumor that threatened her life. I knew, without a doubt, that Theodore knew things that I wanted to know.

Once a week, for six years, I traveled three hours each way to spend time with him. Mainly our time together took the form of my being "read" for. These readings consisted of time with Theodore and his wife, Virginia (who is also a gifted channel), when they would convey psychic information to me about past lives I have lived, and the unconscious programs in my psyche that governed my thoughts and habits.

At the same time, I was studying Polarity and other forms of bodywork. My interest in healing was still growing. I witnessed many healings during those years. Some were permanent; others were not. I learned that changing belief systems and the habits that stem from them is often very difficult.

My life changed in 1990. I went to be with Theodore and his wife, Virginia, for a little "catch-up" session. Theodore would appear to be staring off into the distance. His left hand would come up, fingers slightly bent, with his palm facing the ceiling, and he would say, "I have… (whomever was coming through) here". That meant that he had made contact with an Ascended Master or another High Being. He was an incredible healer and channel. This particular session was intense. As I stood up to leave, my back went out. I couldn't get in my car to drive home, so they invited me to stay, and I became a recuperating guest for a week.

During that one week (which seemed like a year), I learned a lot about myself and the workings of the mind/body connection. I found that any thought that I had about guilt or money worries, both conscious and unconscious, caused a spasm in my lower back that would just about bring me to my knees.

As the week progressed, I found myself on a more familiar basis with Theodore and now called him Ted. He would call me to the kitchen table -- our make-shift work space -- and help me to catch the negative thoughts as they manifested, thereby saving me a lot of pain and agony. Little by little, I learned, and my back got better. I had a new understanding for the words "know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free."

On the morning that I was planning to return home, Theodore called me to the kitchen table and told me to sit down. His tone was firm. He told me that during his morning meditation, Spirit had told him that it was now time for me to tell Ted some things. I sat there like a dummy and had no response. What was he talking about? Then he told me that Spirit said that I could also channel the Ascended Masters and that I could now be of help to him. (Theodore had suffered a serious stroke recently, which left him unable to walk or swallow. Still he worked with the Masters, continuing to help people.) He got impatient, tapping his index finger on the table as only he could do. I started to cry. I felt confused, and told him that I didn't know how to do a channeling. Theodore looked me right in the eye and said, "Who am I to believe, you or them?" I started to cry again. I cried for a good, long time. When I lifted my head, words started to tumble out of my mouth. In a minute I could see Ted looking at me with an amazed and very curious gaze. Then he said, "To whom am I talking?" and the voice -- my voice -- said, "I am John." "Which John," he said. I answered, "The Divine." I began speaking words I can't remember, and Ted asked a lot of questions. That was in June of 1990.

There was no one more amazed than I to find that I could channel. To feel the quiet vibration of an Ascended Master around my body was at once, both comforting and otherworldly. In the beginning I channeled for Ted. The energy is high at the Vale's End, the sanctuary that Ted and Gini founded, and it was easier to be in the flow of transmitting.

I realized that it was my decision to "tune in" and to surrender my own thought for a while. It is a decision much like turning on a TV and deciding what channel to listen to. I was adamant about not "leaving my body," though. So the compromise is that I close my eyes and move my rational mind to the back of my head, allowing the information to come down and convert to words that come out of my mouth. I do see some pictures, but only if a past life is going to be explained.

I continued to visit Vale's End, as those were difficult times for me. My mother and my stepsister had passed. My father had succumbed to a massive stroke when he heard that my stepsister was not expected to live. I was going through my second divorce and had four of my six children living with me. The information through Ted, especially from Archangel Michael, guided me through a lot of the toughest times. All of the children were so different, and going through their own struggles. I wanted answers so that I could be more of a loving, helpful mother for them.

Because of the increased demands at home, I traveled to New Hampshire frequently. I took a job at a small metaphysical bookstore in Providence, Rhode Island, where I met my now long-time friend, Craig. This is where I had my next life-changing experience.

One evening, a woman named Shelley called me at my home and left a message on my answering machine. It said, "Hello, I met you today and I was just now meditating, and an entity wants to speak to you. Please call me…" Well, I did not call her back. I was not interested in speaking to an "entity." The next day, when I arrived home from work, there was another message on my machine. "Hello, I was meditating and the same entity wants to talk with you in 48 hours." This was strange and scary to me. I wrapped both myself and the house in light, and called on Archangel Michael for protection, as I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Then I called her back. She said she would be over in an hour.

When she arrived, I remember thinking that she seemed a very unlikely looking person to be speaking with "entities." I invited her to the living room, where she very carefully took a seat in a large recliner. I sat facing her. She started to explain that she had never had an experience like this before and that it made her very uncomfortable; but that she had agreed with the entity to bring it through so we could speak.

We agreed to ask for protection by only the highest source and she closed her eyes. As soon as her eyes were closed, she began to cry and move around in the chair as though she was in great discomfort. Now, I had only seen Ted channel, and his style of delivery was very straight forward, not nearly as animated as Shelley, so this as very different to me.

She was talking to herself, as if calming herself down. While waiting for the message, she was saying things like, "Now don't worry, this one will not laugh at you. It's okay, go ahead…" I watched with deep interest. I had never seen so much going on at once while waiting for a message. As her eyes filled with tears, her glasses must have become bothersome, because she removed them and laid them on the arm of the chair. As I looked at her I thought, "Oh, her eyes are really big and beautiful". But her eyes were still closed. Then as I watched, they changed into almond shaped, oriental eyes. She really had my attention now.

Soon, her mouth took on a little bowed-up smile, and my new acquaintance began to speak in a very clear way. She said, "Hello, my name is Kwan Yin. We come to speak with you." She continued, saying she was very grateful that the channel was willing to be of service and that the Ascended Masters always need people to work with them. She then said, "We can tell you are not believing what we are saying, so please listen closely. The woman who is channeling has a problem with her neck. She has had it for a long time. It is past life connected. When she is done channeling, please ask her to get on your bodywork table, and we will tell you what to do to correct it." She finished up by telling me she wanted to talk to me again after the correction had been made.

My new friend and I were exhausted by now, but were committed to following through with the directions. She laid down on the bodywork table, we both took a deep breath and closed our eyes. Immediately I could see blue stars in a design or pattern. Somehow I knew that this was a map of her etheric field, and that if I just traced this map about twelve inches off her body, I would be doing what I was supposed to be doing. This went on for about twenty minutes until the pattern disappeared in my inner vision. I asked her how she felt. She said she felt fine. She got up off the table, and the problem no longer bothered her. Holy mackerel!

We both sat down and continued. The channeling went very smoothly this time. Kwan Yin told me that if I were willing, we would be working together. That was it. That was my first meeting with Kwan Yin, or "Kwan," as I fondly call her.

It was about a year later, a client of mine was so interested to hear what Kwan Yin might tell her, that I said I would try to channel. She had some intense questions that only a Master could answer. It was slow going at first. I had really been shy and scared to talk about my connection with the Masters. After a few sessions, my delivery flowed better, and an accent began to emerge.

The more I allowed the flow, the more rapidly the information would pour out; so I began recording the sessions. I found that I could use the recorder to ask questions for myself and listen back to the answers, as I do not remember the words that I speak. Kwan Yin imparts to us that the information is intended to address seven levels of consciousness, and that the most benefit is received when the recordings are listened to at least seven times.

About two years ago, I was recording for myself, and Kwan told me that I could write a book. My response was, "Oh no, I don't know how to write a book." Well, I'm finding out that when Spirit has a plan, someone will carry it out. About a year ago, my dear friend Craig, awesome channel of Ascended Master Saint Germain's will on earth, called to work on some question and answer sessions for a column he was working on at an online writing resource. After a while, he said that he thought there was enough material of interest to put together for a book. He asked me what I thought, and I said, "Wow. Go for it." Craig has been on his computer ever since. He is definitely a little one who listens, learns and serves. I want to thank him so much for bringing this work to completion, and for his unceasing support.

This past year has been a very trying time. Yet, in the releasing of the many patterns that have been with me, I am finding the strength to move on. Even as we send this finished manuscript to the publisher, I am still working to remove any doubt within myself, to have faith in the Ascended Masters, and above all, to have faith in God. I hope that this book encourages others to seek their own truths, allowing faith to guide them through any difficulties that life has to offer.


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