ou are a rainbow. Your body is created by light. Your seven main chakras (energy points in the subtle, non-physical body) emanate as spinning wheels of coloured light, up and down the front and back of your body. Seen from the mind’s eye, the body is strands of rainbow-coloured light.

As we have heard from many scriptures “in the beginning there was the word, and the word was made flesh”. “The word” is pure, vibratory sound carrying meaning from source. Heard by the spiritual ears, the body, the earth and the universe are a symphony of sound.

Your body is created from elements:  earth, water, fire and air, which are borrowed whilst in your physical form.

Each chakra colour is connected to a sound and an element.

The chakras are subtle body indicators. When and if the strands of light or sound become ruffled, tangled or interrupted, discomfort or illness can result. Heal the chakras, and the body re-balances.

You have within you the power to heal your body/mind


Rainbow Matrix Healing is a system which uses Ayurvedic medicine principles of touch, sound, and colour. This system brings awareness to the streams of consciousness in the body connected to the elements of earth, air, fire and water. With Rainbow Matrix Healing, blockages of energy in these streams can be vibrated and released. True healing begins and ends with awareness of the subtle body. This body includes thoughts, feelings and emotions.  A Rainbow Matrix Healing session melds body with mind to achieve that delicate balance, which is good health and well-being, and can result in true healing.

Your voice is medicine

Mantra, or ancient seed sounds, according to Yoga and Ayurveda are a powerful way to heal the mind. During our lives we make emotional, habitual grooves in the brain, which are akin to sound. Heart-centred mantra has the power to smooth out these grooves. Through soft touch for awareness, use of key vibrational sounds for focus and vision of colour for relaxation, in-depth healing can be realised. A Rainbow Matrix Healing session can be done sitting or lying down with a practitioner, or on your own once you’ve learned the technique.

If you have a group of friends who would like to learn more about this technique, a 3 hour Rainbow Matrix Healing workshop is available. Please email or use the contact page to get in touch with Sucheta for more information.

In 1993, Sucheta channelled a meditation from Kwan Yin. This guided meditation is timeless; a perfect complement to Rainbow Matrix Healing and is available for download, titled Kwan Yin Consciousness, from the products page of this website.

Any time you work on the rainbow body, you assist the Ascension process.




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