About the Private Session

channeled session is quite different from a psychic reading.  Sucheta is a semi-trance channel, moving her conscious self to the side, so to speak, in order for the Kwan Yin energy to come through. This exchange happens quickly. After all these years, it is very easy for her to go in and out of trance. (By the way, she will not remember everything she says, but may retain some fragments, images and feelings.) Sucheta will offer a prayer, then Kwan Yin will come in strong, speaking for up to 10 minutes in a little monologue.  Listen very carefully, because you usually get your question(s) answered at the beginning of a reading. Kwan Yin will then ask for questions. You can follow up from what she has just said or ask your own questions. It may be helpful to prepare some questions ahead of time. Questions are answered in a direct manner. Your reading will last up to about an hour. If you find you need more time, please reschedule for another session.
Kwan Yin delivers a lot of information very quickly and you may be afraid you have missed something. Don’t worry as these sessions are recorded.  Kwan Yin is communicating by down-stepping energy from a very high place (Kwan says it is the 13th dimension).  When we listen to these channeled energies, we receive multilayered vibrations that help us to align and heal without really thinking about it.  We just have to hear the sounds. So, you will get much more out of it when you listen back again (and again). Each time you listen you will hear more than you did the first time and receive more help from the Masters.

How would it be to have a one-on-one with a ‘counselor’ who knows and understands you better than you do yourself?
Someone you can trust implicitly…
Someone who will only ever tell you the absolute truth… (even if it’s not what you were hoping or wanting to hear!)
Someone who will never tell you what to do, but will give sound advice as to which choices may serve you best…
Someone who can answer any and all of your questions about anything…
Sounds impossible?  Well, here’s your chance!  If you would like to take advantage of this loving wisdom, book your appointment with Kwan Yin now!




How to book a session:

Session Payment: $150
Includes audio CD of the recorded session & shipping & handling.


Gift Certificates available for Private Sessions.
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For more questions contact Sucheta at kwanyinloves@yahoo.com

Write "Session for Your Name" in the subject heading, and a short message about what times and days are good for you, and what is your time zone.  
Sessions can usually be scheduled within 2 days of receiving payment or possibly sooner.

Paying by Check or Money Order?
Email Sucheta for mailing instructions.

Your CD will be mailed the day after the reading.






She really helped me discover the issues that were surfacing for me...understanding about some difficult family relationships and how to cope with them...
Providence, RI


Beautiful...touching.  Her reading was useful and empowering.
Asheville, NC


The Kwan Yin energy entered my life in early 2008. Although brought up in England a Catholic, I felt a strong affinity to the East and particularly to Kwan Yin as a Divine Mother Energy. In July 2008 I had my first channelling from Kwan Yin with Sucheta.  Delivered in her own unique style with love, honesty and humour, I received advice and insight from Kwan Yin. I had no doubt whatsoever that it was Kwan Yin speaking to me and that she knew and understood me better than I did myself. I was blown away. I had never felt such unconditional love. Having a recording was wonderful because Kwan Yin delivers a lot of information in a short space of time and I didn’t miss out on a single word of the wisdom she imparted. To date I have had 21 personal readings and have yet to be disappointed. Rather Kwan Yin has enriched my life experience and assisted me through some of the most challenging times of my life. I do not know how I would have coped without her love and direction. In addition, I have found a wonderful friend in Sucheta, whose beautiful energy and wealth of knowledge have also blessed my life. Thanks dear Su. My advice if you’re thinking of having a session: ‘GO FOR IT’, you won’t be disappointed!
Maggie, NZ 


Letter from a Newspaper Reporter


I covered the Intuitive Arts Festival for the Newport Daily News on Sunday You gave me some information on Kwan Yin, and a reading. In the reading, there was only one piece of personal information, designated as such by Kwan Yin. It was about a person "not near and dear" to me, but "close," having a "heart attack" but couched in such a positive fashion with information about how the person had completed what they needed to do, as well as information about what such an event actually is.

I have to say, I've never received information like this in a reading -- it's usually disguised in some way, not given flat out. But I am receptive to truth in its bareness, so I was okay with that, but of course could not help but start to wonder who this person was.

The very next morning (Monday), my very good friend Carol called to tell me her sister had unexpectedly died. I stopped her short, and asked if it was a heart attack. She said yes. Then I proceeded to give her the information given me, which I now knew belonged to her.

Everything checked out in great detail, including her sister's amazing transformation this summer, rectifying every wrong relationship that needed to be set right, including that with her sister. And best of all, my friend Carol had a strong attachment to Kwan Yin, having bought a statue of her that she fell in love with as a teenager.

Carol was greatly comforted by the information, and felt that the reason she had not called me right away was so that I would have had time to get this reading and pass it on to her. I thought you, as the reader, would like to know.

Isn't the universe a small and amazing thing!

Thank you.

Sandra Matuschka
Newport Daily News


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