Three meditations and visualizations with Kwan Yin that will help you easily access the Ascended Master energy whenever you need it. Breathe in your joy and desire to you. Used in the class "Opening to the Masters".
The first selection is a guided meditation with Kwan Yin that will teach you how to bring in the Ascended Master energy whenever you need it. The imagery is about self-emptying and then filling with the golden light from the Ascended Masters octave. This meditation is used in her class, "Opening to the Masters".

The second track is Sucheta doing a guided meditation using the Lotus Meditation. This connects you with your higher soul energy through trusting in the heart space.

The third track is Kwan Yin. Not really a guided
meditation, but more of what I would call an
experiential teaching. You can learn it and do it
solo, or use the digital album. Create a vortex of positive
energy within, pulling in your joy and desire as you
breathe it toward you.
Total Time:  50 minutes
Opening to the Masters
Three Spiritual Tools to Keep Your Soul Energy Strong.
Kwan Yin channeling with light musical backing a way to quickly access to the Ascended Master energy and help you pull to you your joy and desire
Sucheta: Opening To the Masters




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