Easter message from Kwan Yin

his is Easter weekend. Is good time to talk about this. We're going to give you something to think about for Easter this year. Death and resurrection: it is imminent for everyone. Everyone resurrects from the wreckage of the past -- eventually. Whether it is life cycle after life cycle, or it is within one life cycle. And everyone evolves from the point of lack of understanding eventually, in the physical realm. In the spiritual realm, it's immediate. So immediately, as the Christ in the form of Jesus is released from the body, the experience in the Christ is Freedom. But there needs to be waiting of 3 days on the physical plane for the evidence of that to come. That's the lingering time, the lagging time between spirit and the physical. It's a way in which the emanation of what has happened in spirit can be reflected back in to the physical realm for this particular experience. Surrendering in the 3 days to what it is, as Jesus goes through the process, is surrendering and giving up the ego attachment. And waiting for the emanation of the Feminine, or the lightness of being, which could just come into a place of acceptance and realization. That's only a figure: 3. That's the symbol of the Trinity and putting it all together. It makes a complete understanding.

So as Easter is here now, everyone is resurrecting their past and either holding it up in their face and exhibiting whatever experience they are having, or they are resurrecting their experience in a space of surrender, and that's exhibited in breath. Resurrection from the patterns of the past. So this particular Easter message is, that what you have experienced in the past is always being resurrected for a new understanding. However, if the ego is holding on hard, it will bring meaning in to it from the physical plane, rather than the inspiration from the spiritual level. The resurrection is an experience coming from the past. You are either resurrecting into the spirit and the spiritual aspect of the inspiration, or you are resurrecting an egotistical idea and ego attachment, and are going to recreate it.


Kwan Yin channeling

The energies are shifting and changing, and they are fully in charge of their own energy. This means that when the energy begins to shift, its own element is gathering. Like increases like, so it is in its own element. When you are in your own element, your light increases too. You feel happier and it makes you feel more in charge; makes your life a little bit better. So we are going to accept what is happening, but we are also not going to anticipate.

All of the energies have to shift at this point and time because the earth plane has its own agenda, but also because consciousness has been LAGGARD. It is LOW. It is not where it needs to be for little ones to enjoy the exhilaration of knowing that they have a light body, and they have a higher consciousness. Ultimately once they have changed, they will look back in the memory patterns about how tough it is right now. So relax, allow your destiny to unfold.

It is the willingness of the human to participate in the activities of light, and the surrender to what is happening. Not judging themselves, but allowing the energy in their life to change. That means if you need to move, you need to move. If you need to change your way of living, you need to do it. And it's not little by little now, it's, DO IT. That inspiration that came into Nike [sneakers], Just Do It, was a spiritual intervention to get that feeling. You see the activity with that emblem that goes with it, it has the essence of a boomerang, and that is what we wanted. Because if you send JUST DO IT into the universe, it will come back to you


Kwan Yin on cycles, the future and prophecy

Not to worry about the future, alright? It is a matter of opening to infinite possibility. Remember that there are many things that you have made decisions about in the past that bring you to the place where you are. We are not just talking this life-cycle, we are talking other life-cycles.

This is a particular time of service and a particular time of opening to what is. Not just what is on the physical plane, but on all levels. Therefore all levels begin to become more apparent, even to the common person. People are saying Oh I never thought of this before, but now I am thinking this way -- merging their consciousness.

It's going to be happening very quickly. It's going to be like a bird flying very fast through the sky. And though it passes overhead, it is not as though it is anything special. Just breathe in and say, I receive this, I receive the opening to higher consciousness, I receive the opening to deeper relaxation, I am creating my life without fear of repeating the past.

So not to worry. We tell you now that experiences are rapid, but they are also repetitive. Therefore it is a matter of not judging, criticizing and condemning anything that is going on in the life. Just allow it to be, and really trust. It's not about worrying about the other person, or how you are affecting the other person at this particular time. It is about just trusting. It is almost as though you just need to take a deep breath. It's like building up a head of steam like a locomotive.

So it is true for everyone that they fear their own security will be disappearing. But their own security is only impermanent anyway. It is kind of silly when you look at it from our point of view. It is all only there for a little while, and they are making all these decisions that they think their life depends upon. Guess what, it is not true. Their life does not depend upon the decisions that they are making.

There are great ways for the little ones [all of us on earth] to grow from this point forward. It's not about being trained, it's about realization of who one is. It is an experiment when one makes a step into a puddle and does not know how deep the puddle is. But the puddle of spirituality and growth and self-realization in this world is not a dangerous one. When allowed to be stepped in, it reflects the space of God.

They can move in grace in a way that was created originally by God the Creator, with the Christ within, in order to open to a higher understanding of themselves and of this universe, of the third dimension. This takes a little bit if work, yes? People must put down some of the old behaviors, old habits, old beliefs.

I think that people really want to believe, but they have trouble taking that last step and trusting in the spiritual completely.

They look for approval in the third dimension. Very often when one is taking big step on a spiritual level, there IS NO APPROVAL in the third dimension. One becomes a different kind of being, yes?

Takes a strong person I would think…

Or very weak. Either way. Surrender-- this is the word. Surrender to the consciousness of higher being.

Venus has transited in front of the sun. What energy does this usher into our lives, or what is it symbolic of? It happens again in 2012.

It is an opening of a doorway to what a higher love vibration can be. Venus is indicator of higher love vibration. There are many doorways to pick to go through. But there is a cosmic doorway open and there is a chance to step through in faith, like we were just saying. If you use that type of doorway as your path, then you are having an opportunity. Now the doorway is not going to close in 2012, it's going to open it even further.

How does this affect people that are not generally aware of this?

There are still doorways open for those sensing a wanting to trust, a wanting to be free. Very often just the wanting to be free increases the ego as they sense that they are the creators of their universal flow, but they are not really. They open the doorway to the creation.

This may take a little while for one to open up the doorway. The recognition that one must open the doorway is also very important. The doorway provided by the universe is always there. It's just symbolic in the astrological chart.

Then in 2012 there will a more expanded type of energy available?

Yes, trust, love and harmony.

It makes a spiral and you rise above whatever is in the way. If you are buoyant enough, you can go with the flow. Make this your password -- buoyant. I allow myself to move with the universal current of love.

It is like throwing the trust on the Christ within. It is not going to be a major decision as a human being, because things are already in a flow cosmically. So if a little one gets out of the way by not making a heavy decision, then the vibration shifts. Vibration can not shift if little one is holding on to the past.

About the predictions of self-proclaimed time traveler, John Titor - is this true?

Everyone is a vibration from all levels of consciousness. But he knows he is from a different level of consciousness, and he is choosing to project into this sense of consciousness with what it is that he knows.

He has some really negative things to say about our future

That's from the point of view of aligning with the negativity that exists at this point and time, and projecting strictly from third dimensional evidence. It is not taking into account what can be received from other levels of consciousness to shift a reality.

Remember that prophecy is a tricky thing, because once one makes prophecy, the doorway to that type of event is open. That is why being in the moment is the most powerful thing that a little one can do, because then they are in charge of what the next moment can be like for them. Not necessarily will be, but can be like for them. Because the more that one stays in the moment and takes the opportunity of love, they are in the universal flow, but taking opinions or projection of prophecy from other sources is always tricky.

Because that is just one variation that could occur? Because there are so many choices?

Yes, just one alignment. He's picking up on an alignment of creativity on one level. If one will allow the consciousness to just stay clear and really get in touch with what they want to happen, then they make preparation in that direction. Very difficult to make preparation in a positive direction if there is a lot of negative information or hearsay coming forward.

There are people preparing for survival from a catastrophic event. Does this then trigger negative events to happen because they are waiting for them, anticipating that they will happen?

It will lead them into a vibratory pattern that will draw them into that situation. Survival situation has happened all over the planet of earth forever. But not everyone is in that spot at that time.

The awakening of the awareness-- the knowing of God within-- that is the deliverer. Spending time so much with survival and universal disaster, this is not the consciousness level that draws one to the omnipresence and the Christ within. It draws one into the third dimensional fear-based reality. There are many people that are making decisions now as to whether they will follow the Christ within or they will follow their fear-based personality responses.

Can you give any information about the so-called presidential death cycle that happens to presidents elected in a year ending in a zero?

This is a very beautiful question because it shows that you have paid attention to what is really happening and how it is that there is a format. There is a way that the universe is in order-- there is a type of order.

If a presidential connection or candidate is made at a certain time, then the chances are that they are joining an energy of perpetuation of the past -- if in fact they are asleep. So if one makes the choice to stay asleep, they will probably fall into the same category.

So George Bush has a choice. This is a big deal for his soul?

Yes! Personal growth pattern. He always has choices. People can make speculation, but it is a matter of choice.

He makes this choice before this life cycle in order to become awakened more deeply in the cycle. Even though he has certain characteristics -- the emotional and the ego pattern-- he still has the Christ within. And so he may come to a point in time where he can no longer depend upon himself, or realizes that he has a different pattern inside of himself.

If you have expectancy about one result in one particular event in the life, then you are making a pathway. But if you have expectancy for unfoldment and the greatest of awareness to become part of the life, then you have a different type of unfoldment.

Are presidents karmically responsible for what they do in office?

They are responsible for every decision made. Every decision.

What a burden that could be if they are not understanding the spiritual consequences.

If they are asleep it is not a burden. Burden is a third dimensional word. It just becomes like a tractor pushing its way through the dirt getting to the object of its desire. So we have here many objects of desire for personal accounting. Wanting personal accomplishment is ego.

Aren't they responsible whether they are awake or not?


So they build karma with their decisions

Yes, but there is no judgement when you get past this physical plane. It is just a matter of atonement.

Many people over the last year have put the words out - God Bless America, whether speaking it, or on bumper stickers, in the media, etc. Does just speaking these words actually have a positive effect on our country?

It does in as much as there is the spoken word. There are all those things that come from the ego, such as thinking that America is bigger or better and that God will bless America more than bless another country. But in the spoken word, God Bless America, there is a very positive meaning.

In the larger picture, there are those people that are free to speak those words, as they have a greater sense of what it is that all things emanate from. They know in their soul that all creation emanates from God. They may not know that in the personality. But saying this will help them, because it leans in the direction of waking up.

Because they have chosen to be here at this time when there are many difficulties and much shifting of senses of allegiance, people don't know where to put their allegiance anymore. So when someone says God Bless America, this is something that they believe that they can hold on to. But what is America? America is a conglomeration of all the people, all the belief systems, all that has gone on before, and it can become whatever the little ones bring forward to America.

When speaking of meditating, you had spoken of finding the place of non-activity. Is praying a form of activity?

Yes, unless one is in the moment of the vibratory pattern of the words being spoken with the heart, mind and soul-- when this is all in coordination. If it is coming from repetition and just duty, that's different.

You had a group come together for a session. At this particular session, you had them all stop and do a mantra and you said that they had achieved a certain state by doing it.

You are wondering about the open door. This particular open door that we were speaking of had to do with the heart, mind and spirit at that moment, being in alignment, one with the other and being in a pattern for that particular group. And that way, the group was open to what was happening. And there is a lot of power in that.


Kwan Yin Channeling Session on the awareness of energy within the chakras


Kwan Yin:
Everyone is getting very excited about how the energy is shifting. And you have heard for years how it is that the energy is shifting [now in sing-song] from 3rd chakra to 4th chakra, and how it is that the resonance is --- forget it. Everything is happening at once. Everything.

The energy is rising on the planet of earth, and there is a great amount for "little ones" [that's us] to remember -- not learn, not go out and find a book. Although if you find a book that is written by a teacher that you very much admire and it can help you to open your heart, help you to begin to really resonate with that energy, helping you to know that the energy IS you -- that is ok.

When you are energizing yourself by remembering your connection, then it is that you are honoring the Divine Feminine. In India, everyone talks to the Mother, the Divine Mother, whereas in this country here for the most part they talk to the Father. But they are BOTH almighty and powerful. As you align yourself, you understand the earth more. The earth itself is creative ability. She creates al the time, but she cannot create without the masculine, which is the sun. So it is all One.

So use what it is that works best for self and meditate. Bring in with prayer the coordination of the energy. Go with the old religion if it feels comfortable. You can take on new religion. But what you are doing is refocusing your energy to the 3rd eye. Because the 3rd eye is where it is all going to open, where it will all unfold. It is a matter of the direction in which you focus.

When it is that you are in the 3rd eye, you can be like television peacock tail, because there are many, many rays of color. Those rays of color have vibration to them, and they are also coordinated to the chakras. So each one is paying attention to their chakras and the consciousness inside the chakra. When you pay attention to the consciousness inside the chakra, you enhance the consciousness within the chakra.

It is as if the feeling is most important. When you feel the vibratory rate and you feel yourself connected to the earth, you know it. When you feel yourself connected to another in relationship and your creative power, you know it. You may not be able to give it a name, but you know it.

When one is in the heart, often times there is a sensing of sadness from what one has experienced in the past, which means that there can be tears, so there can be an opening. It is not all just sadness, it is joy. Because joy in the feminine is also the movement of energy. It is the unblocking of the second chakra. When you unblock the second chakra, there is a flow for both masculine and feminine. When you are paying attention to it, it is not just a momentary experience, but an ongoing experience. It has pleasure connected to it, but it also has consciousness.

So when you meet other people and they are in the process of understanding themselves in this way, it is very much more interesting because they are not talking about what they have learned about, they are talking about what they have experienced themselves when the energy is flowing.

As the heart is now a center of focus of energy, for each one there are trials in the life. You get tested to see how you are going to use yourself in this situation. What are you going to trust? How are you going to respond? And that takes you to 5th chakra.

So it is a dance.


Kwan Yin Channeling Session on managing the 5th chakra (use of will and speech) and commitment to spiritual growth


When it is that you are in the process of responding, often times it is from habit. We have asked the little ones over and over again to take one habit each day and remove it. It can be something very simple. We can talk about how one puts their foot on the floor when they get out of bed. We can talk about how one eats, or how one rubs their nose. Just take one habit and shift it. Because then you are coming into greater awareness of yourself.

There are experiences that have lodged themselves within the body, mind and spirit, but they are able to be moved. Nothing is forever. Nothing is written in stone. The body is a manifestation of the experiences that you have undergone and interpreted. It is only in the interpretation that bad things feel like they are going on the body, because God energy is pure. God energy flows clearly, cleanly. But when the little one has a brain cramp, they may cramp up their arm or their foot, too. So it is a matter of really staying open.

So here we are at the fifth chakra. When there is a complete sense of self, fifth chakra is open as well. Here we are talking about the cobalt blue color - it can be sky blue, too - but the cobalt blue color and the expression of, we can say, legions of angles. Angels are a pure manifestation of God pulling energy from the Divine into this world. You can do this, too. It is not just here at the beginning of the throat, it is at the back of the head, the medulla, and this energy enters into the body. And so this part of the body, you want to take exquisite care of. Notice what comes out of your mouth. Notice what goes into your mouth. All these things are very important.

So take care with your throat chakra. It is a very high energy. Very difficult to control one's tongue, yes? People like to speak about things they know nothing about, whether it is their neighbors, or their relative, or something that they have not experienced themselves. This is the equivalent to a fault line in the chakra. Keep the tongue quiet when there is nothing to say, nothing to say about what you are acquainted with in your heart. It gives you a lot more energy and time. A lot more quiet. A lot more awareness.

There are many energies available to the planet of earth at this particular time. It is very easy for the little ones to pull to themselves awareness of heart energy. We have talked about the heart, and how the heart filters the energy, whether it is something that you have seen, or tasted, or touched. There is a magnetism and a registering of the energy, and it moves with the blood through the whole body and through the heart. And the heart becomes a receptacle of all the experiences that you've had. That is why there is a lot of heart problems. Every experience you have ever had is good for growth. Sometimes it doesn't feel so great, but it is good for growth.

Everyone would do better if they knew how to use that part of self that is determined to experience love. Valentines day just went by. And that kind of love causes a lot of pain and suffering because it is conditional. When one experiences real love, there is no criticism, there is no judgement. It is pure, in the moment, and associated also with joy. Not pleasure, joy. Joy is instantaneous and spontaneous. Pleasure is something one seeks after in order to experience whatever.

All beings are of light. Everything is of the light. It is just that the doors are a little more open in one castle than they are in another. When the doors are more open and the energy is moving more freely, there is more activity, there is more awareness and there is more growth. Simple.

It is for each one to know that you each have the ability to come to enlightenment. It is a matter of commitment. A matter of right use of will. A matter of how it is that you have taken to yourself the information that you have gotten through this lifecycle, so far. And everyone has karma. There is nothing to be said other than that. Karma is not bad, it is not good. Everyone has it. You would not be here if you did not have it. But right in the moment, one is basically karma-free. In the space between the breath there is freedom.

We want to talk about kindness just a little bit. It is very simple for one to be kind. But one does not like to feel on this planet as if they are naive. It is as if they feel they will give themselves away, that they will be run over because they left the door open. In the movement of self toward higher consciousness, toward awareness, toward liberation, one must be kind to themselves. Which means, accepting what is. No criticism. No judgement. No condemning of self or others. If you do, that will come back on the wheel of karma. These levels of interpretation are very, very big - and very minute. You have to research very deeply inside self to find out where am I?

And that takes us back to gossip. Speaking about another person. For the most part, it is because there is a judgement, a criticism, leading to a condemning. And that is usually because there is fear. Also this can be because there is a lack of anything else to talk about, which is ignorance. Each one is on the path to move away from ignorance, to move into awareness of themselves.

You are in charge. You can choose to chase after things of the world, or you can choose to go within and experience oneself and interpret for yourself the reality that you have created. Analysis is wonderful, but to be able to interpret for yourself what has been created that you are observing is the fastest way to get to a reality that makes sense to one.

On the strength of light that emanates to and from the Creative Force, there are many, many impulses. The trick is to control those impulses that have caused the habitual behavior. Decide to change this or change that in order to eliminate pain and suffering a little bit from the life. Anything that causes pain and suffering is to be eliminated eventually.

As you are energizing yourself more and more, it is a decision to energize. It is a decision to self-realize. And that means paying attention. It is through the functioning of the will to decide to meditate, to pray. Spend more time in the company of those beings that have enlightenment, or at lease are trying to find enlightenment. But also spend time in the company of self. Learn to love the self. The self is very beautiful.

When you are energizing yourself to remember your meditation and prayer, through spending time with yourself - not spending so much time outside in the world, connecting more and more information from other people's thoughts - then you will begin to really appreciate yourself. You will really begin to open to the magnificence of yourself.


Kwan Yin Group Channeling Session
Questions and Answers

What is love?

Love is an experience of self in the highest possible truth. That love that one experiences is a down-stepping of the creative power of God. Love is everything. Love is all there is. Love is the manifestation of the pure Divine nature.

Can people who go into spirit do what you do-- come through a channel and be of service?

It is a matter of choice. Because we have the energy of Bodhisattva, there is the choice to be available forever until the end of time, until all sentient beings have reached enlightenment. There are many, many Bodhisattva. There are many people on the planet practicing to be Bodhisattva, or are already Bodhisattva and trip up a little bit.

We always like to kid about how St Germain likes to come back and reincarnate from time to time (claps her hands)-- trip right over himself. Make little karma again. So that is why he is so prevalent in the reality of man, because he is making himself known. He likes it.

So it is a choice how one spends their existence. But once you trip over yourself with the karma, you only have certain choices within the karma -- it narrows. From the Bodhisattva point of view, we just move our energy in where it is required and called for.

Kwan Yin:

Let's talk about self-image. Each one, within the first chakra has a self-image. Guess where it came from? The very split second of conception. Because you bring with you memory body from other existences. And therefore, your self-image is a mirror reflection of all those other life-cycles. Energize yourself with the knowing that reality is a mirror of God's influence.

Who knows about the Diamond Net of Indira? The Diamond Net of Indira, which is really what consciousness is about once you get to the center of it, is a reflection of God's influence in the reality that you have created. The visual picture of the diamond of Indira is like a spider web. In each corner of the web, there is a diamond-a dew drop. And that presents the hologram of the whole web. Diamond Net of Indira. This is a center focal point for one to understand the nature of the Universe. Where is the center of the spider web? From the point of view of being outside of it, it is where you put your finger. But if you were inside of one of those diamonds, where would the center of that spider web be?

What is passion?

Passion is created within the self, of the smaller egoic state. It is connected very much to ego for the most part, as we speak about it now. And it is a driving force. It is underlined with desire, and desire keeps one stuck within a reality in the karmic aspect. So when one has passion, it is not good or bad. It is an alignment with the reality within which one is emersed. It is like picking out certain experiences or people as a lifeline, or a time line in which to move.

About conception and growth

At the time of conception, there is both a masculine and feminine component. Don't ever negate astrology. In the split second of conception, there is an alignment of all the planets, and there is an alignment with God's plan. You are on a light stream. You are in the flow already, at conception. Karmically, you have chosen your parents and brought with you a stream of consciousness, within which are relative experiences and relative streams of consciousness that you desire to experience in order to fulfill your love.

When the egg and sperm come together is that whole? No, the baby is not whole. Has to grow and become teenager or older person, and then they think they are whole. Are they whole? No. Not unless you have found within self the love and the understanding of right use of will to bring consciousness into your reality so that you can return home with all the love that you have accumulated; to bring back with you your understanding and your love of human nature. If you decide that you love human nature so much and you see so much suffering, this becomes the wanting to become Bodhisattva.


Usually we apologize to accomplish forgiveness. Relieves guilt, yes? It is that part of self that wants to be engaged, and keep on engaging the relationship. When one thinks they must learn forgiveness rather than just forgive, they get all these tests [showing up in the life]. Now how does one disengage from the experience? It is a matter of just (she claps her hands once)… love.

Within meditation, we can live within the love, within the present moment, within the experience of self. When it is that one spends enough time with self, with meditation, and in the realization of the higher truth, they let go of the attachment to what is on the earth plane.

Meditation is another form of lifting your attachments, but it is much easier. Much easier to be connected to Divine Mother than it is to be connected to a human to learn to dispel the illusion that everything is perfect. There is nothing perfect on the planet of earth, except what has come from its own Divine blueprint and manifested itself in the most perfect way.

Little ones are working very hard to find community now. Where can I find support for myself? Where can I find the love? Where can I rest? Not just wanting support for the belief system, but support for the growth. Because if you have a belief system, it's going to have to be chopped up, put in a blender and made into something else.

Personal question about staying in California. Talks about free will and the energy of California

We never tell you what to do. If you get outside influence that tells you what to do, it cuts down on your own free will choice, and that is the only gift that God has given to you. The choice to return home is the only ultimate choice. You have to do it anyway. You go in happiness or you go kicking and screaming with whatever you have held on to in your life.

But when you come to California, there is a purpose for you to come here. It is to refine your discernment. California has a lot of activity, a lot of electromagnetic waves that are just…big. Confusion. And also a lot of little ones feeling hyper. Can get hyperactivity, hyper thought patterns.

So if it does not feel appropriate and you can not find peace, then you have to take the time to ask, well, did I have this before I came here? Is it just escalated so that you can really take a look at it and let yourself be aware of it? Or are you judging and criticizing because you are unfamiliar with what the situation is about?

California is a good place for people to skip over their fears. It has a lot of distractions. But when you feel lonely, that fear comes up. And when one feels lonely, that's because they have not secured their connection with their own divinity. You can never feel lonely if you have in fact come to the awakening and awareness of the true self.

About incarnation and gaining spiritual insight while here

We can say that God likes to make puzzles. God creates dreams. The level of experience that you are experiencing is for your own conscious benefit, to return home with more awareness. Every experience that you have is to give you more chances to come to the awareness of the truth.

So when you look at the purpose of your existence, it is to remember that you are NOT this existence, you are NOT this body. That is the purpose of returning. However quickly one will learn this is up to them. A lot of people have a spontaneous awakening. Because deep down inside their faith is so strong that their HAS TO BE more than this. So that reality opens for them.

At this particular time there have been so many incarnations, so many bodies going back and forth, there becomes a stagnancy in the intelligence because the intelligence is caught in the desire-based reality.

Separation, oneness, enlightenment and using the energy of the Masters

The ultimate state is to rejoin the bliss, rejoin the love. When you return to the Om, when you return to the singular place, there is a reality of all existence is one. So there is no separation. The non-physical has the same basis in it. Just choosing the words non-physical means that there is something separate.

When we speak with you, what it is is that we are fragmented. But it is worth it. Notice, we are not in the body, but we can give you support. Understand that we are beyond this reality. We are of love and light, and we encourage-- that's the most we can do from our vantage point is encourage. But we can also supply some of the experiences that you need in order to escalate your intelligence if it is requested. We don't stick in our nose if it is not wanted.

But we can move our energy with you so that it moves through you. But you have to open to it through meditation. It is not a problem for the energy to move through. The only problem is how much. Is your ego ready to be dissolved into the oneness? That can be done momentarily.

People think enlightenment is being very special and up on a mountain or having flowing white robes -- forget it. It is one split second, you see. Then you must come back into reality bringing with you the awareness.

Conscious dying

So how can one prepare for conscious dying? No one really wants to think about that too much. It is very important to take with you, in the moment of separation from the body, an awareness of what it is that you have discovered as your truth. It can be in connection with a deity, teacher, guru, whatever you want. It can be in the form of pure love.

In the essence of the pure love, there is the understanding that God is the ultimate. (And we use the term God because it covers all the bases, so to speak). That this is where you're headed, this is where you're going, and this is where you have ultimately wanted to go. When that happens in the consciousness while dying, you are illuminated and far more sources of light at that vibration are attracted to your spirit and your soul. A lot more help is available.

Love created all things and there is one path back home, and everybody will be taking the step off the planet without the body.


The body likes to not be attached vibratorily. It thinks it wants to be attached. It wants to be attached to spaghetti, it wants to be attached to a movie, or to another person. The object is to move through the experience, move with the experience.

You can allow your connection to the earth, to the mental body, to other persons, and allowing your awareness of all there is without having attachment to it. If you can play with the noticing of what you are doing, like playing a musical instrument, THEN you are accomplishing something.

You must live your life on another level of reality, realizing that all these things are going on at the same time. But once you realize that everything is connected, some of these issues just fade away, and you don't have to deal with them over and over again until you feel as if you are going to be worn out.

Every once in a while, you may tighten the cord too tight and it snaps. Why? Because you are trying to get more out of the experience than is best for harmony, for balance. The tightening of the string is a decision made in the consciousness where it is seeking perfection on a plane where it can not get perfection.

Accept who you are. Accept your experiences. Play with your reality, and make a conscious decision to meditate. Dedicate your life to something so it feels as though on the wings of song you would experience love forever.

Peace and Harmony

Peace is one of those words that gets a lot of interpretation. Who really knows peace? Who knows when they are at peace? Harmony is easier to work with. Because harmony has a reality within your world that you can understand.

The willingness for meditation is where you will find the peace. And you will find level after level after level. They talk about peace of mind. Meditation will bring you peace of mind. When you are breathless and you don't have to breathe anymore, that's peace.

If you are seeing colors and seeing saints and all the rest of that, this is not peace. This is activity. When you are moving with the experience of peace, you are going deeper and deeper into a reality that has no boundaries. It is an awareness of moving. One must interpret in the physical body one's own level of peace.

Work on letting go of old habits. Use yourself well and beautifully. Decide to meditate. Give up those habits that have given you (and others) pain and suffering. Awaken to the truth of who you really are. In order to do that, you must take your freewill choice and surrender to what is trying to unfold in your reality. Then maybe you will feel a kind of peace, or relief. That's good for the California person.

Understanding about surrendering oneself to the unknown allows the infinite possibilities to unfold on the Causal Plane. And as you begin to experience the unfoldment and the results of what it is that you have projected through pure love into the Causal Plane, then you know you have surrendered, because you have given permission for the static in your aura to settle down enough.

Girl wants to contact dead father but is unsure whether she can or should

Of course you should, and of course you can. He belonged to you in this reality as your parent. That is a reality shift that you've gone through - He is no longer in physical body. It is just a reality shift. Is his essence still around? Yes. Do you still love to communicate and need to communicate? Yes. You have capability to communicate, but your fear that he will not respond.

Girl wants to know about her relationship with a man

Co-dependant relationship. It did not change just because you are not together. There is a need inside both of you to have approval from the other, and therefore it keeps you enmeshed. Through meditation and prayer, ask for the enmeshment to be removed. When you no longer feels this, you will know that your meditation has been successful in that area.

The mediation in itself is to bring you into harmony with your reality so that all people seem the same and you are not attached to your reality, to getting your way in any particular situation. So you have to look at those control issues.

Do your best every single day to love and appreciate one person - your self. This does not mean ego. Thus means love. Give yourself permission to rest and relax, breathe in the beauty. Notice that God is peeking through the flowers, God is peeking through the other person you are looking at.


Kwan Yin channeling 

Very much the world is changing very quickly, but it is not so easy to change the inner child into a place of wanting to let go of everything that it has wanted all of its life when it finally gets it. There are those people now that are living this life in a way where they are grabbing on to things that they thought they could never have, and now they have them. What that does is it throws a mystery factor into life. People wonder what they are all about and why is it that they wanted all of that, because it doesn't mean that much to them, and so that's why we are smiling.

It is as if you lust after something and you want it badly, but it's not the answer. Because God is the only answer that there is to each and every desire. Once you are capable of sensing the God within, and the God within each acquisition -- ah -- then life becomes a stream of consciousness, and one is not more attached to a particular item than they are to a particular person, and that makes it very different. It makes it as though there is a stream of consciousness that you are just floating along on and all things are equal. Then you understand that from the point of power that is yours, that you are all these things, and therefore you can never, never lose them.

There are many things that are shifting and changing so rapidly, so when you ask us questions, make sure you put in space to have rapid change. These energies that we are working with have to do with, not only consciousness, but cognitive thinking. Cognitive thinking is going to be changing. It's not about how a little one can jump on top of the questions and make it an answer, but it is how the processing goes on. So it will be more like the breath. If one really pays attention to how the breath goes in and goes out, there is a lot more of the nourishment from the breathing that goes deep into the cells.

So why are the Ascended Masters so interested in bringing forward this higher consciousness? We want the little ones to have experience of the freedom and the liberation. Because once they experience liberation, the commitment from the Hierarchy, or the commitment from the higher realms, can be more expansive. It isn't like we go on to bigger and better things. We can take a breath and expand expand into more and more and more. The little ones coming along now, it's like having a flock of sheep. And the little ones get very close to the edge, and some will fall off because they panic. They don't need to fall off the edge of the mountain, because they didn't need to panic in the first place. They just need to stay strong and steady and focused. They will not fall off the mountain, and we, as shepherds, we don't have to keep such a watchful eye. So what we are asking them to do is to meditate so they can be slow and steady and focused, rather than crazy and moving about at a rate in which the intelligence can not ever integrate all the experiences being presented by nature in one split second, let alone combine that with all the thought patterns of yesterday and tomorrow and the media and the fears and anxieties that exist. So it is best to be slowing down. We talk about raising the vibration, but really it is just slowing down and coming into the wholeness.

Now is an important time on the planet because the planet is changing so much that the magnetizations are shifting. Not so much magnetizing the third dimensional ways of thinking, like rock music and energies that are hard and final. You get a lot of finality when you are using something hard and sharp. So now you are moving into a time where there is a blending. East and West is blending, Sun and Moon energy. And one must see beyond the differences.


There are lots of spiritual guides here right now, and they want to know if it is a point in time where each one of you will embrace your spiritual guidance, especially your own heritage. We mean those guides from your own way of being, as you have incarnated in his life. So that means heritage. Not necessarily means genetics. It means what you bring with you in your heart mind and soul that you want to share with the little ones, the teachings you want to share, the awakenings you want to be part of - and to watch. It's so much fun to watch the little ones waking up. Is like having a little group of puppies or babies that are having a good time. And they may tumble and bumble all over the place, but it does not matter.

The spiritual guidance that is available in this place (Rose of Sharon) at this time is very strong. Each one of you who is aware, well, bravo. Those of you who are not aware, well, it is time. These things that go bump in the night are not necessarily bad, just spiritual guidance that wants some attention. You can receive the guidance from spirit when it is very quiet at night.

What we are talking about is the rhythm of life and how the rhythm of life itself, from the point of view life and the Creator, is one frequency. It is a frequency of light that no one can challenge. But on the perimeters of that are the other frequencies of light that have colors in them, and that have a vibratory rate that are full of messages and full of information.

As you give yourself permission and align with the heart, the colors, the chakras, the consciousness, then more and more information comes. Each one says, well I'm on overload now -- but we are not talking about information that you have to write or remember, it is permission to be the hollow reed. The information comes in, it is there for you when you need it, you use it, you let it flow through, and guess what, it cycles around back into the Universe so that when you need it again it is going to come on through so you don't have to make a crowded space inside of yourself or worry about the information.



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