June 2017: 'Conflict and Resolution'

May 2017: 'Boundaries and Permeability'

April 2017: 'Breath'

February 2017: 'Devotion'

December 2016: 'Joy' 

November 2016: 'Everything you see outside of self is a reflection of the inside of self'

October 2016: 'You are a vortex of light filled energy'

September 2016: 'What are you broadcasting?'

June 2016: 'Relax and allow your destiny to unfold'

May 2016: 'Check your level of Self love'

April 2016: 'Practising capturing the moment'

March 2016: 'Slow Down!

February 2016: 'Beauty'

January 2016: 'Return to your heart'

December 2015: 'You can experience more than you have ever dreamed'

October 2015: 'Connect with your true self through the veil'

September 2015 : 'Erase discouragement from your mind

August 2015: 'How do you perceive your reality?' 

July 2015:'You are awake!' 

June 2015: 'Breathe away denial' 

May 2015: 'Be Self aware, don't compare!' 

April 2015: 'Let your energies move' 

March 2015: 'You are an integrated Divine being' 

February 2015: 'The time is now' 

January 2015: 'New year, new you and love is the law' 

December 2014: 'Share your love with all of mankind' 

November 2014: 'What will you focus on?

October 2014:''Changing light' 

September 2014: 'Reach for the stars, what is important in the life?' 

August 2014 'Message for full moon'

July 2014: 'Freedom through the heart'

June 2014: 'Emerging in the light'


May 2014: 'Balance'


I am Energy - Use of Will (5-3-14)


Serving Life - Heart Opening (5-9-14)


Perception of Self (5-17-14)


Wings and Things (5-23-14)


August 2013: 'Anxiety'





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