What is the Masters Mentoring Program?

This series is especially for those who are serious about learning all they need to know
to be able to blossom into the Master that they truly are.

asters Mentoring Program was initiated by the Kwan Yin aspect of the Divine Mother.  She said that times are changing so quickly that those who desire to know Truth are seeking within and without to recognize what is Truth and what is illusion.  
During the Program, you will receive channeled guidance from Kwan Yin and the Masters approximately once a month, for about an hour. Each session is designed to take you from your particular soul level, or level of understanding, to the next level and on, in your own time, at your own speed. As Divine Mother views your soul progress, you will be given specific guidance about pertinent issues which are involved in your spiritual growth process. Step by step as questions are asked, deeper layers of unconsciousness and habitual patterns are revealed.  This in-depth series of insightful sessions draws forth personal patterns to be experienced and lovingly released.  This, in itself, creates space in the body-mind. New non-habitual, authentic responses to life's challenges emerge. Through this continual set of steps it is hoped that you will learn much about your path, grow quickly and have the steadying influence that this high spiritual guidance gives.

Sucheta is a semi-trance channel, moving her conscious self to the side, so to speak, in order for the
Kwan Yin energy to come through. This exchange happens quickly. After all these years, it is very easy for her to go in and out of trance. (By the way, she will not remember everything she says, but may retain some fragments, images and feelings.) 
Sucheta will offer a prayer, then Kwan Yin will come in strong, speaking for up to 10 minutes in a little monologue.  Listen very carefully, because you usually get your question(s) answered at the beginning of a reading. Kwan Yin will then ask for questions. You can follow up from what she has just said or ask your own questions. It may be helpful to prepare some questions ahead of time. Questions are answered in a direct manner. 

The Masters Mentoring Program consists of 6 sessions, monthly or spaced to suit your individual needs. Each person has their own experience of shifting consciousness. If any time after that you decide that you wish to continue further, you can be signed in for another 6-month period. Each mentoring session of approximately one hour comes with an audio CD, or emailed mp3, which contains information and energy.   It is recommended that you listen to the recording 6-7 times (or more!), waking or sleeping, and ponder the concepts that were mentioned.  Be warned, the ego does not like to give up its patterns; be gentle! 
Are YOU ready to move forward in your Spiritual Growth?
If your heart says YES, prepare to receive personal guidance from Kwan Yin and the Ascended Masters!
See how quickly these one-on-one sessions with illuminate your soul’s path.



How do I start?

Subscribe to Masters Mentoring Program and be billed at $100 a month for 6 months

Pay now for you first of six months (Monthly recuring payment): $100


Pay for 6 months in advance for $550


Paying by Check or Money Order?
Contact Sucheta for mailing information.




The Kwan Yin energy entered my life in early 2008. Although brought up in England a Catholic, I felt a strong affinity to the East and particularly to Kwan Yin as a Divine Mother Energy. In July 2008 I had my first channelling from Kwan Yin with Sucheta.  Delivered in her own unique style with love, honesty and humour, I received advice and insight from Kwan Yin. I had no doubt whatsoever that it was Kwan Yin speaking to me and that she knew and understood me better than I did myself. I was blown away. I had never felt such unconditional love. Having a recording was wonderful because Kwan Yin delivers a lot of information in a short space of time and I didn’t miss out on a single word of the wisdom she imparted. To date I have had 21 personal readings and have yet to be disappointed. Rather, Kwan Yin has enriched my life experience and assisted me through some of the most challenging times of my life. I do not know how I would have coped without her love and direction. In addition, I have found a wonderful friend in Sucheta, whose beautiful energy and wealth of knowledge have also blessed my life. Thanks dear Su. My advice if you’re thinking of having a session: ‘GO FOR IT’, you won’t be disappointed!
Maggie, NZ 

My husband and I have been attending Sucheta's lectures and classes since 1999. She is a vivacious presenter, full of fun, and bursting with knowledge to share.
The information we have received from Marjorie has proven, time and again, to be invaluable for improving our lives. She possesses an amazing depth of understanding about the way the Universe operates. Yet Sucheta presents these far-reaching concepts in a manner that is at once entertaining and easy to understand. We would recommend her work highly to anyone who is desiring to expand their consciousness.

Yours truly,
Sue and Lennie Weeks

I have both worked with Sucheta on a professional level as well as a personal level. I own Rose Of Sharon, an alternative product and wellness center in Narragansett, RI. My customers were very impressed with her abilities and how "right on she was." She we very professional and was an asset to programs held here at Rose of Sharon. On a personal level I had a one on one reading with her and found it to be very informative and also, "very right on." She has a nice way about her and her information is always very interesting.
We are looking forward to her return this summer.



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