The Ascended Masters

ince many are not familiar with the Masters, I thought some explanation would be of help in understanding their energy. The following information is not channeled, but was compiled from Kwan Yin and other reputable Ascended Master channels.

The Masters are non-physical, high spiritual beings. Most have lived on earth many times, and all have completed their karmic lessons, going on to become the guides and teachers to those still incarnating, and assisting those in spirit that may be lost, confused or stuck in some way.

According to Kwan Yin, they exist at the 12th and 13th dimension. Considering that our consciousness is in the 3rd, 4th and sometimes the 5th, it is hard to imagine what that is like. Therefore, their view is always involved with higher concepts of energy and manifestation.

As with all true spiritual guides, they encourage us to know and use the God Self within, and to become a master ourselves; to master our earthly dimension and gain release from our karma through love and forgiveness. They wish us to think of them as elder brothers and sisters. Not gods and goddesses to be worshiped, but guides to be called upon at all times for assistance in order to understand the truth about life, and to promote healing.

They usually speak in the communal form "We," rather than "I." Kwan Yin has said that when she works through Sucheta, it is not just her speaking, but her in conjunction with all other masters (and angels) pertinent to the topic discussed or the energies involved. She then becomes sort of a spirit channel to the earthly channel.

There is a great misunderstanding about these souls amongst some, mainly in Christian teachings. These people not only seem to fear channeling, they see the source as demonic. To this I say, look at the messages. Feel the energy. Everyone must decide for themselves. No legitimate Ascended Master presence ever demanded to be worshiped as God, or a god. No master ever involved themselves in a persons life without being asked, or came into a persons consciousness without permission.

We are all one. We and the Masters have an energetic connection because we are all from the same Source, however one would like to term it. They are a reflection of our greatness, our potential, they are a part of us. They are great archetypes of certain portions of God energy that we all possess inside us, but may not have tapped into. In the end, we are the individualized parts of God, only separated by our own divisions in awareness, our own perceptions of how we classify energy.

At this time, Ascended Master St. Germain is the overseer for the next 2000 years, the long-awaited Aquarian Age. He is the master of the Violet Ray of Transmutation and Freedom. The age of Aquarius is about working together as a group for a common ideal or goal. It is about recognizing the Divinity of the individual, and how their magnificent energy dovetails with other energies in order to help the whole. It is all about oneness and becoming a channel for the highest and most positive energy that would benefit everyone.


Master Jesus

BE THOU AWARE that THOU ART A CHILD OF GOD and there be nothing between Me and the glory of your light but the doubt of the mind.

THE HEART FUNCTIONS PURELY. The knowing of self is not vain. The knowing of self is but part of the quest to purify and understand that the GLORY OF GOD IS MANIFEST IN ALL of Man.

And therefore, go in the spirit of the true CHRIST to know in yourself that what you are bringing forward in this Christmas season is truth, love, and the depth of Divine Nature in LOVE that was originally meant for man.

As it was that they stood in that first Christmas Eve, in the knowing of the energy sent by the stars to guide them to the CHRIST within, this is still the true nature and Divine message of Christmas.

I AM Jesus the CHRIST




I come to your universe, number one, to guide and protect you. Number two, to create a pure form of union of self with God.

It is in the spoken word that the transmission of truth is carried. And therefore it is our Divine Order at this time to clear those who desire to carry only truth in their words. The energy that speaketh through one is always Divine. The gift of speech is Divine.

We bring into your realm pure vibration. There can be no lack of understanding when it is that you position yourself at the mercy of your own knowing truth and decree that you will speak only those words that are given to you by God and through your heart.

The choice of words, the choice of information to be focused upon becomes a personal matter when it is that insecurity has been coupled with the life. Insecurity breeds, and insecurity expands, as those who would use self continually project upon others their limitations. The others that you see are truly projections of self and are given unto you as a mirror so that all judgement and falseness can pass away.

The use of language has thwarted our ability to bring to you joy. Your choices over centuries have decreased your possibilities, and now it is time that the realm that can help you the most, the realm that is beyond your planet that carries truth, pure wisdom and love, is available unto you if only you call. Making space in the life to receive and grow with the information that is given is a personal choice.

The power that you seek is Divine. The power that you know is human. All things will change and there are no choices in that place of God, there is only pure knowing. Choose well. Have pure desire.

You are encapsulated for the time being in a body that resonates with water, with the earth, with fire, with air and is purely at home in the ethers. Get to know these energies. You possess them. Become familiar with what you truly are and all else will be given unto you. All answers will be given to those who so desire them.

And as for my part, call upon me if you feel fear and when you need strength to continue. Life is not a battle. Life upon the planet of earth is but a learning experience. The suffering that you witness will be on the increase, and therefore the choices continue.

You are a God being asking for your wisdom, your courage and your Divinity to come forward, to present itself and encapsulate you, above all, in the energy of creativity, which is what you truly are.

Desire not to move along the path in haste. Rest. Observe your life. Do not become like the gluten which is stuck. Become instead the aroma of fresh baked bread that travels freely and clearly to all those who choose to inhale and absorb the message of nourishment.



Greetings, beloved ones. I am Mary. I come to you this day to make you aware of great patterns of joy that will be born on to the planet. Those of you who can erceive, it will rise in enlightenment and love. Allow the beings that come to you to be perceived as beautiful blossoms opening. The babies being born on the planet from this May forward will be born with special blessings of love and enchantment, already awake and alive in their hearts. They are higher than the crystal children. Crystal children are already upon the planet. They will be teaching. They will not be able to adhere to the old rules. They will flow through humanity, awakening the soul call of each one that gives permission to partake in the experience of being taught by a small one. Welcome in to your heart, welcome on to your planet those beings of light who are returning in great numbers, not just as babies, but in the ethers. The Divas of nature will be assisting in the new way for nature upon the planet of earth to flourish and to shift its vibratory pattern as your weather patterns shift. Be aware. There is great change coming. Be still in your heart and awake in your world. You don't want to miss anything on any level that is coming to your reality.

There is no one that does not breathe the air that another person is not breathing. Any air that moves affects another movement to the right, another movement to the left. Therefore all will be affected. And it is from the divine place in the heart and through compassion that those beings that are awake and not trying to conserve everything they have come to gather on the planet, will let go and open into higher dimensions of reality and all things flow from the Father. The Mother creates, receives and enhances. The feminine aspect of Creation is awakening and therefore the patterns of weather that are triggered by movements from the Father, or the Sun, the Yang principle, are those of fire. And when there is fire, there is always movement of water, air and earth. You can not escape it, but you can be aware and you can be compassionate.

It is with joy and with wisdom that the awakening of the feminine principle in all beings is coming forward. A male body must have its other half, and therefore, its feminine aspect, its compassion and its love must awaken. As in the feminine body, it must also have its companion. Therefore, people will become more balanced, not latching on to the other, but allowing the energies that are from all Creation to flow through in balance.

Beloveds, there are many messages coming through to your heart. Open. Receive them. The time is now to awaken the light that dwells within by only becoming aware of it. Awareness is the divine principle of the masculine. Creativity is the divine principle of the feminine. Awareness and creativity will produce for what you need on this planet a higher stability and a way of living like you have never experienced. It is with great joy that I say this. And even though there are many turbulences that are already in motion, you must not fear. Fear is but an aspect that is from the loving part of the ego that wants to protect the old. Let go. Accept. You are divine. And the divine principle is both the feminine and the masculine. I AM Mary.

Greetings, I AM St Germain. I come to this evening because there are many questions. I don't normally answer questions. I will take questions this evening.

Q: About assisting people with the new energies that are coming in…

Assistance is the key word. They must be calling for the assistance. The only way to practice the divine principle is to be it. Therefore, each one must, in their own lives, manifest the highest vibratory rate and the greatest sense of reverence for their own divine beingness. It is through the Violet Ray where it is the seeking of freedom, but most people don't understand that they are seeking freedom from the body when they call in the Violet Ray. They are seeking freedom from the limitations of the body. Therefore as you call forth the Violet Ray, you ask for forgiveness. Stabilize in your own ability and your own awareness to know in the moment that you are the creator of the moment, like it or not. Therefore to assist those on the path, one must only bring up their own vibration and share it. No amount of talking, or teaching is going to influence one who is not ready and calling in their heart for the experience of the higher awareness and the intensity of a life well-lived, without thought for compiling, accruing or holding on to the physical dimension. One can not be assisted if they are not ready. Be mindful of this.

Q: How much time should one devote to doing the violet flame meditation?

Depending on a person's willingness to accept that all things are within the flame of the White Ray, and what it is you are aiming for, and how insecure you feel within your reality, you do it more or less. Keep your eyes closed now. We are going to be putting out some vibratory rates for those of you who want to perceive them. Focus on the third eye and know that within the White Ray exists ALL emanations of color vibratory rate, even those of a higher vibratory rate, other than what can be perceived by the human eye. And therefore, as you work within the realm which you exist in, and as you are perpetuating a belief system, decreeing is a way of decontaminating the field. And some people do it with force, because they feel overwhelmed. And we project our voice so that no clutter can come upon you while we are projecting to you at this point and time. Vibratorily, there are those energies that would have you NOT become aware of your fullness, your wholeness. Therefore, in the number of decrees, do it until you feel the resonance of completion. There are no set numbers. Do it in sequences that feel appropriate to you, and we recommend doing it once a day. Just because the heart and the awareness are totally committed at that point and time, and that is all that is necessary.








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