About the Group Session

roup sessions are usually held in the afternoon or evening and are 2-2 1/2 hours long. Sucheta will introduce herself and talk a little bit about her work for a few minutes. When things seem settled, she will get quiet and tune in to Kwan Yin. Sucheta is a semi-trance channel, moving her conscious self to the side, in order for the Kwan Yin energy to come through. This exchange happens quickly.  After all these years, it is very easy for her to go in and out of trance. (By the way, she will not remember everything she says, but may retain some fragments, images and feelings.)

Sucheta will offer a prayer, then Kwan Yin will come through and address the group in the manner Spirit designs in the moment, giving what are called 'Present Moment Teachings'. This takes the form of a little monologue and is the beginning of some topics of spiritual teaching that Kwan Yin wishes to impart. There may be all kinds of general information in there as well, such as commentary on the group, or something about what is happening in the world. Subject matter will generally be attuned to the moment and to the energy of those in attendance.
Kwan Yin may stop for a second and let another Energy through. For example, it may be Ascended Master St Germain, or an Archangel wishing to deliver some information. Whether this happens depends largely on the energy of the group, the need for the information, and the group's connection to the Energy coming through.

After she is done, Kwan Yin will ask if there are any questions. Here is where you can ask about subjects she has brought up, about anything that is happening in the world or about a topic that is of general interest. No questions are too small or too big! Questions are answered in a direct manner.
(Please note personal questions are discouraged, but you may ask. Just be aware that personal questions will get personal answers in front of everyone. It is usually best to save these for a private session with Kwan Yin.)
Kwan Yin is giving us spiritual information to help us understand our connection to Spirit and to help us during our time on the planet. All levels of consciousness can be addressed. Although these sessions are informal, fun and entertaining, there is a serious side. It is for people who are seeking spiritual guidance and is not meant to be a type of party entertainment.

These groups are offered for a suggested donation of $20 or more.
Please, no less than 10-12 people.
We hope you will enjoy this and learn something new.
“Although I am Bodhisattva, (a being of enlightenment), I am energy. I am not a person. The Kwan Yin energy is belonging to everyone. It is the vibratory rate of one feminine aspect of the Divine. It is that energy of love and compassion within the heart.
What you see in front of you is one person (Sucheta) who has been able to tap in and release for a period of time so she can let us (the Kwan Yin energy) be part of her reality; to share that with you so that you can be encouraged, and so that you can also bring forward the part of you that knows the truth.”                


See Tour Schedule for Sucheta's whereabouts.

How to book a session:

Email Sucheta for more information and bookings from the contact page.




She really helped me discover the issues that were surfacing for me...understanding about some difficult family relationships and how to cope with them...
Providence, RI


Beautiful...touching.  Her reading was useful and empowering.
Asheville, NC



Letter from a Newspaper Reporter


I covered the Intuitive Arts Festival for the Newport Daily News on Sunday You gave me some information on Kwan Yin, and a reading. In the reading, there was only one piece of personal information, designated as such by Kwan Yin. It was about a person "not near and dear" to me, but "close," having a "heart attack" but couched in such a positive fashion with information about how the person had completed what they needed to do, as well as information about what such an event actually is.

I have to say, I've never received information like this in a reading -- it's usually disguised in some way, not given flat out. But I am receptive to truth in its bareness, so I was okay with that, but of course could not help but start to wonder who this person was.

The very next morning (Monday), my very good friend Carol called to tell me her sister had unexpectedly died. I stopped her short, and asked if it was a heart attack. She said yes. Then I proceeded to give her the information given me, which I now knew belonged to her.

Everything checked out in great detail, including her sister's amazing transformation this summer, rectifying every wrong relationship that needed to be set right, including that with her sister. And best of all, my friend Carol had a strong attachment to Kwan Yin, having bought a statue of her that she fell in love with as a teenager.

Carol was greatly comforted by the information, and felt that the reason she had not called me right away was so that I would have had time to get this reading and pass it on to her. I thought you, as the reader, would like to know.

Isn't the universe a small and amazing thing!

Thank you.

Sandra Matuschka
Newport Daily News









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