A Flower Unfolds

Verse by Kwan Yin

A beautiful and inspirational work. Each page has a teaching from Kwan Yin in verse form, and stands with a symbolic piece of Asian art.

One of the ideas behind this work was to include many artists from many places, as a symbol of the all as One. Fifteen artists, and many publishers from many different places, graciously contributed images to this book. Readers, please see the artist credits in the rear of the book and visit the other artworks available by these incredibly talented and generous souls.

This work is meant to share spiritual thoughts, to enlighten, to inspire, to awaken. Hopefully this will help all people from all walks of life to view this time on earth a little differently, to come to a realization that we are all here for the moment, and that moment is precious. We are all unique flowers, unfolding in our own time.




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