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    Holistic Bulletin
    This is a regularly updated news site bringing you new information on alternative health and spiritual news from around the world.

    Positive News
    This is a more general news site from the UK, but I have included it because of its uplifting viewpoint and rotating positive news stories.

    Children of the New Earth
    Online and print resource for parents of the new children, and the mind/body/spirit development of all children.

    Indigo Children & Metagifted Site
    Great information about our planet's gifted children.

    Spiritual Resource for a New Age
    This is an online resource with many articles on varying topics.

    Good News Network
    Based in Virginia (USA), keeps current uplifting news stories with sections such as home life, earth, health and business. Check out the category "inspired." Free weekly newsletter.

    The Great News Network
    Uplifting news. Categories include world, environment, science and one called "heroic stories."


    Astrology and Numerology

    Ayurvedic Guidance and Herbs by Phone
    Make your appointment through the website

    Animal Communicator

    Crystal Skull Experiences
    Jeanne Michaels  MA.

    Homeopathy  (Clinical)
    Treatment of Autism

    Massage Energy Healing
    Intuitive Counseling
    Sue Allison LMT

    The new Ecological way to start seeds.
    Try a soil block maker for the ancient and future of seedling transplant.










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