What is Angelic Radiation Healing?

he Archangels were sent forth in the very beginning by God to support and enhance the feeling nature of humankind. We come into this earthly realm as a Radiance, a feeling, and we leave with the Wisdom, Compassion and Knowledge we have gained.

This healing modality was given to Sucheta on Mount Shasta in 2006 after meditation. A circle of golden and white angels appeared in the sky above her. She was given, telepathically, the system to imprint each chakra with energy charged by the corresponding Archangel.

Discover the Archangel guiding you this lifetime, the particular Ray associated, and about spiritual gifts you possess but may not be using; then receive the Angelic Attunement.

Auric Chelation Therapy is like a spiritual healing that clears the aura, connects the aura’s energy to itself, and then connects it to the higher radiation of the angelic realm through the chakras. This is a beautiful way to attune your energy with the energy of the Archangels and to actually feel the physical effect of having a smoother connection to the Divine. 

Session will include:

  • Verbal information about the guidance of the Archangel realm for the particular person.
  • Energy transference to clear and balance each chakra.
  • Radiation imprints guided by each Archangel for each chakra.
  • Relaxation and Integration.
  • $150 ---With CD and Ethereal Angelic Imprint.



Believe it or not, the angels have GPS and this session works really well over the phone!

“We, the Archangels, are ready to Radiate our Energy to humankind in a very grounding way.
Each human has a specific Divine Work; a Divine Blueprint that is unfolding.
Each has come onto the earth plane via a Special Flame from the Heart of God to emanate specific Qualities”


This information states that the Ray from which we emanate can be identified. Understanding this will expand the Qualities and Gifts we bring to everyday life. This is a new work. To help identify and expand the Angelic Qualities and Radiation.

***Also available from the products page of this website: “Working with the Archangels” CD.
Practical, informative and entertaining teachings on the Seven Archangels. Includes a 10 minute Angelic Meditation attunement.




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